Why WordPress Hosting will boom in 2018?

Webhosting has undergone numerous changes over the years. The changes occur due to changes in the content management system of WordPress. WordPress Hosting is emerging as technology is upgrading as per the needs of a business.

Affiliate market is becoming popular day by day and with that WordPress hosting is also in demand. The users of WordPress should focus on content and the effective ways of managing blogs and websites. To avoid the trouble users should not focus on cheap hosting programs. In future, the web hosting services will focus on user-friendly services to improve their efforts.

As the year 2018 goes on user-friendliness and tech savviness will be the top priorities of the web hosting providers. The providers will work on improving their services without affecting the workability of the users. WordPress hosting will be on the edge of its performance covering all the improved and advanced aspects of the technology shortly and 2018.

It is because of the advanced features that the service providers will include in their services.

The features included in the latest web hosting are as follows:

  1. Site speed

Faster the website load higher is its ranking. Thus, it is the important aspect for the high ranking on search engines. The web hosting providers are focusing on this particular aspect more than other that will make a difference in the various service providers. A content delivery network is a service on which many will focus. The main focus is to grab the attention of the national and international viewers. To cater this need of the users, service providers are offering many different payment methods.

  1. Technical support

To stay in touch with the tech side is the most obvious need for the web hosting customers. And to cater it, the great focus will be on offering the best technical support. They are highly improving the support facility and try to serve the best possible ways.

  1. Enterprise –grad architecture

Audiences are everything for any website or blog. If they found it useless or have to wait for long, they go to other sites. An enterprise –grad architecture ensures that this does not happen. The latest technology in web hosting services is ensuring that no visitors will get the return from the site without sparing sometime over there.

  1. Enterprise-grade security

A secure and fast website is the basic and essential for the customers. All the necessary upgrades in the security feature are all that a customer needs. The security is improving by blocking the fake visitors or hackers. The real-time thread detection is going to offer the sound safety of the content and the website.

  1. Content performance tracking

The content is the king and thus, tracking its performance is going to give the most out of the efforts of customers. In the competitive world, the power of content is growing like a boom. What is working and what not, is the essential part of growing regarding performance. Tracking it will let the customer’s help in reaching their future goals.

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Additional features include:

  • Restorations system and data backup
  • Free email
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Locations of servers across worldwide
  • Free domain name
  • Malware scanning

The additional features are included as per the needs and growing competition. The hosting companies are more emphasized on attracting WordPress site owners and offering advantages on switching to optimized hosting.

A WordPress website requires extensive memory thus; sufficient memory is the first requirement for optimized hosting. It also means preloading of the various versions of websites such as MariaDB, My SQL or PHP. It also includes the updates of plugins and themes. The service providers fulfill all the needs for the WordPress websites including no access to cpanel.

The services are free as well paid for the customers. In 2018, both options will prove advantageous to the users. But the free services can be a little setback for those who want to grow in the market. This year is very crucial for the WordPress users and thus to improve the efforts and get a good result, one must use the paid services. One that will provide the latest and advanced services or features mentioned above is the best. Investment in picking the right web hosting services can give you the favorable result.

Therefore, web hosting for a small or big enterprise, a good service provider is one that everyone needs. It should offer cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated and WordPress hosting. Beginners and the experienced customers should get the complete help from them. It should have the wide variety of themes and plugins for crafting a good website in no time.

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What can you expect from the web hosting service provider in WordPress Hosting?

To experience the best web hosting, it should serve you all the above features. With Hostgator hosting you can get:

Fast loading services:

The super cloud architecture, multiple caching layers, CDN and low-density servers offer 2.5X fast loading time of websites. It services turbocharge a website, and the content is also managed efficiently. The content requests are processed at the faster speed.

Clean control panel:

It focuses on usability and minimizes the difficulties of the traditional web hosting method.  It offers the auto backup feature with the snapshot configurable. Handle traffic and its requirements with one click scalability. Allow easy access to the emails.

Free migration:

The migration services are free. Consult plans are available to provide help to the customers. Discover tools and get everything that you need to start with a right plan and technique.

Hostgator hosting is what you need.


Cloud computing is the next challenge for the WordPress hosting. It should be given more importance because of the attacks on websites across the world. Web hosting service providers should have to develop new technologies to counter cyber threats. It will bring a change in both WordPress sites and the cloud hosting services.

Updated: May 8, 2018 — 7:11 am

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